Armand Van Helden: U Don’t Know Me (1998) [HOUSE]

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Verse I:
I dont ask for nothing
Im always holding my own
Everytime I turn around its something
People talking about what they dont know

And when I try to move on up
Theyre always pulling me down
Im tired and Ive had enough
Its my life and Im living it now

You dont even know me
You say that Im not living right
You dont understand me
So why do you jude my life

Verse II:
I always wonder why
People try to hurt me
No happiness in their own lives
So they act out all there jealousies

Who are you to say that Im living wrong
Always telling me what to do
Ive decided I gotta be strong
What makes you think that I needed you


Armand Van Helden: U Don't Know Me (1998) [HOUSE], 9.3 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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