Area – Music For Your Eyes (1999) [MAKINA, CANTADITAS]

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I wanna be with you eternally.
I’m giving you my life, why can’t you see?
I need your loving eyes
to keep my soul alive.
No matter where you stay,
I’ll always find the way.

When I’m close to you I’m in ecstasy
and every part of you is just for me.
If you can fall in love
you’ll never be alone.
This song is in my mind.
It’s music for your eyes.

Take me in your dreams.
Show me loving memories of you and me
and we’ll finally be free to touch the sky
with the fingers of our life.
Don’t be afraid cause it’s
music for your eyes

Area – Music For Your Eyes (1999) [MAKINA, CANTADITAS], 9.2 out of 10 based on 19 ratings

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